Which Are Better, IDE, SATA Or SCSI Drives?

The answer? –  SATA. It is more than obvious.  At first, many were excited about the SCSI since most computer users would finally connect multiple devices. However, here comes the IDE and put SCSI out from its throne. In fact, The IDE became a standard choice that reigned for over than 20 years. However, the need for speed grew greater. As the technology continues to develop, the SATA entered the scene and replaced IDE for good.


This technology was developed and created back in the middle of 70s’ The port is a 50-pin flat ribbon that connects the hard disk into the motherboard. Back then, SCSI was identified by a few computer experts as the scuzzy. This port can support plenty of electronic devices and hardware particularly computer devices. The SCSI drivers can be installed mounting to the motherboard. There is also a version where you can use adapters. These days, it is pretty much outdated, but somehow, there are some people who are still using this technology because of its affordability. You can still find SCSI on the market today, but keep in mind that it can be difficult for you to find a motherboard that still includes SCSI drivers slot. Indianapolis Data Recovery said that eventually, it is only a matter of time that this type of technology will fade out.


IDE was introduced by two major computer manufacturers – The Compaq and Control Data Corp. It was launched back in 1986 and dominates the market. The IDE continues to evolve by introducing groundbreaking technology such as the ATA drives and the parallel model which is known as PATA. The first IDE model had 80-ribbon cables and 40 pins and some of these models are still in use even these days. The modern type of IDE has 28 pins found in most desktop computers. The ATA rounded cable became the IDE’s, Mona Lisa. It features versatility and better cooling effects. It makes things a little less complicated because of its plug and plays feature.


SATA or Serial ATA tends to replace IDE back in 2003. This time, computer market is dominating in all parts of the world. The technology simply skyrockets gaining 98% of computer users. It is built for speed, accuracy, and efficient cooling system. The component itself never requires a computer user to shut down the system and fits for small devices. SATA can be used to huge industrial setups and the most affordable type of connector.

The Nightmare Of Every Computer User: Lost Data

Doing Computer Works
If you are working with computers, it is best that you choose the computer with the bets RAM storage so that it will be able to give you the best performance and that it will not hang in the middle of you doing your work. Furthermore, you would want your files to be organized and to be preserved, especially the sensitive and important files.

Losing Your Files
Whether you have protected your files and you did everything that you can so that you would not lose them, you can still accidentally lose them. Hackers may hack your servers and they may delete your files or you may delete the files yourself without you wanting to delete them. This happening is the worst nightmare of computer users. However, being frustrated about the lost data will not help you recover them so you should do something about it instead. You should not worry about permanently losing those important data because they can be recovered, all you have to do is to ask professionals to recover them for you.

Looking for Help with the Data You Lost
There are many ways that you may find when you search for ways to recover the data that you lost. There are free programs that claim to help you in recovering the data that you have lost. However, you should never trust these programs because most of the time, they do not work and you may even infect your computer with viruses and you may lose your data permanently so you should avoid free programs. So what should you do instead?

In dealing with your lost data, the best thing that you can do is to look for professional help. This means that you will have to look for computer experts that will help you recover the data that you have lost. These experts know how each of the storage devices works so they can easily deal with them and recover your lost data.

Since you will be asking for professional help, you should stop worrying about accidentally losing your data because you can ask for help. However, this should not mean that you will stop being cautious and be careless when dealing with your data. Being able to retrieve the data that you lost is a good idea but not losing the data at all is better than retrieving the data that are lost.

Server Recovery: How Challenging Is The Task?

Server recovery is a serious issue. Those who find that data is unreachable or lost on their server may immediately start looking for solutions to the problem – and rightly so. Lost data can truly put a dent in your productivity levels, especially if a necessary component of the task at hand is missing. One of the foremost questions that arise for people dealing with lost data is whether or not data recovery is a challenging task. Simply put, data recovery can be a challenge, depending upon the type of issue that one is facing, as well as the tools and resources at hand. Here are a few preliminary qualities that can determine whether or not one will have an easy time recovering data on a server:

  1. Determine Backup Procedures
    The first step is to determine whether there is a backup procedure in place. The best way to do this is to confirm the hardware, its configuration, virtualization, software, and backup procedures. If there is a server backup procedure in place, then the best thing to do is to followthat procedure and backup the system. For the most successful results, it is ideal to follow the procedure as closely and quickly as possible.
  2. Identify the Server Data Loss and Potential Failure Points
    The second step is to identify the type of data loss issue and the failure points that the loss arose from. Once you determine the failure points, it becomes so much easier to correct the problem and, more importantly, to prevent the problem from occurring again. Preventative care is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not experience data loss from your server in the future.
  3. Consider Remote Data Recovery
    The third step is to consider remote data recovery in the event that you are unable to correct the issue on your own. Oftentimes, remote data recovery can be performed by a professional service. The best thing is to find a service that you are comfortable with and can trust, and then have them address the problem. Another option is to actually have the service providers visit your physical location, if needed.

Overall, server recovery can be a tricky issue. While there are certain steps that you can conduct on your own, it is also useful to have a service that you can contact in case the problem becomes too great.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Isn’t Easy, But It’s Possible

With our age of technology, we are into the convenience of what we create. We created the internet to connect us and help us connect the easiest way. We no longer need to send long messages using the mail. We no longer need to commute or to walk just to send someone a message far from us. We also no longer need to buy from the mall if we do not want to leave the house. More than that, we no longer need to keep information in large libraries and we no longer need to bring our works in large briefcases.

We Now Have Data Saving Devices
That might be the way old folks call flash drives but now, we do have a small piece where we can place important digital information and data are. We can work and we can save the work in there and just print it out whenever one needs it or open it in a digital device to edit it, show it to other people, or just to review it.

The New Problems We Face
Despite all of the advancements, there are drawbacks. We are dealing with some issues and some problems and that is losing our data for some reasons. Some may be corrupted and some may be caused by physical damage. All of which are hard to fix. However, there is always a way to lessen the worry of those people who need their data back for a job opportunity, an academic requirement, or an important memory or moment. That is why despite all that, we give solutions for flash drive recovery.

Providing Solutions
We provide solutions and it is important to have them especially if the data we keep in out flash drives are as important as landing a job or passing a subject this semester. It is hard work and sometimes, there are data stored that are very important for people.

The Solutions Are Not Easy At All
There is no easy data recovery process, there are only professional and great data people who are experts for flash drive recovery that can be trusted. They will be trusted and they will need the best out of the equipment in order for them to do the job properly. It is not easy but it is possible, their expertise and professionalism are needed to make the job the best as it can be without any problems after.

The Reason Today’s Lawyers Often Rely On E-Discovery

Data is stored in different types. It may be handwritten, printed, and even online. In this generation, data is now accessed online. Through e-discovery, files can be easy to find and arrange. First of all, what is the definition of the said term? E-discovery is the identification, production, and collection of information that is electronically stored.  The difference is that e-discovery is aimed for a response to a request of an investigation or lawsuit. It is the evidence that is electronically stored.

How helpful is e-discovery?
E-discovery helps with its purpose as being the source and also secure data to be archived. This process is also finding emails, voicemails, and messages. If it’s the evidence, it can be. Whether it is a small social media account. E-discovery is the helping hand for investigation through electronic devices and files.

How does e-discovery work?
It works as finding and confirming electronic evidence. The one who holds the file originally is named the custodian. The files were scanned for authenticity by the chain of custody. Once it was verified, it is put on hold. The unimportant or irrelevant information will be removed. Important information from the files can be assembled and converted into a handy electronic file like PDF.

Where do the files go?
The files that have skimmed out the irrelevant and unimportant information will be converted into a readable file. Once it was converted into files like PDF, it will be sent to secured databases. These files will be view by legal officers at the said secured database. Secured databases will take care of the files as the legal officers view it from time to time.

How helpful is E-discovery?
E-discovery can help evidence for having its metadata. Metadata is the underlying or another information about the data. E-discovery helps with the time-stamp, the sender, the receiver information, and even the properties of the files. E-discovery can have the time and date for the evidence in a very quick and handy way.

The e-discovery is a very helpful thing for requesting legal information. It also gives the time and date of the evidence that is needed. It is also very handy compared to a pile of files. E-discovery can have easily accessible files for the information needed. Not only having handy files, it is also secured by databases. In that way, electronic files won’t be lost easily or even get stolen.

Pros And Cons Of Using An AIX Server

An Introduction To The Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) Server
AIX or Advanced Interactive eXecutive is a UNIX-based operating system which is supported by various hardware platforms and has a number of versions available ever since it was released in the year 1986. Its default GUI or graphical user interface is the CDE or Common Desktop Environment and the system information database included in the AIX is the ODM or Object Data Manager.

Hence, AIX server refers to a server which runs on an AIX operating system. As with any other server operating on a specific operating system for whatever purpose, its use will have its pros and cons and may make it more preferable for use for some purposes.

Pros Of Using An Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) Server
To start off, using an AIX server has its fair share of pros or advantages. This is to be expected as the number of versions of AIX means that it is being developed to better suit the current technology and more of use both private individuals and corporations. One advantage of using a server utilizing the AIX operating system is that business objects or BO run smoothly on AIX servers. Business objects are an important concept in information technology, specifically in object-oriented programming.

Another advantage of using an AIX server is that it is very secure thanks to having a variety of reliable security software to choose from. This makes using AIX servers more secure as users won’t have to worry about their data or system being compromised.

The use of the AIX operating systems for servers used in large businesses and enterprises due to its features is also another advantage. These features include robust security, high functionality, and a high number of supported hardware platforms.

Cons Of Using An Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) Server
The use of AIX servers also has its cons. In terms of hiring staff who are competent with using AIX, there is a smaller number of competent staff or admins who can be hired, making it often disadvantageous to use AIX servers. This may be due to the difficulty of mastering AIX or due to other specialists preferring to work with other operating systems.

Another disadvantage of using AIX servers is that when hardware needs to run the AIX operating system is damaged, it is difficult to find a replacement. Perhaps this is due to its low market share or popularity as an OS.

Where Do Files Go When They’re No Longer In The Recycle Bin?

The Advancement On Hard Drives
All the new technology that we have today was the product of years in innovation and revolutionary research that specialists have worked upon. Their findings had been the gateway for us to gain new information that enabled us to make all these new advancements.

One of the newer technologies that the people of today are enjoying is called hard drives. Hard drives are what allow us to store information on a relatively compact and reliable way. Some of these so-called hard drives that you may be familiar with are the hard disk drives and solid-state drives used in computers, flask drive or thumb drives, memory cards, and external hard disk drives.

Although these memory drives are a product of the future, it does not exempt them from failure and possible crashes. Possibly deleting or even corrupting all of a person’s stored data on the drive. Deletion of files due to memory drives crashing makes for a harder time to recover files.

Whenever we delete files on our computer, what usually happens is that the system stores them in a program called recycle bin. This software is a native windows program that allows the user to retrieve deleted files. Many people consider the program to be some form of recovery tool, but in reality, it is just a space that stocks all of the user’s files until such time the user permanently deletes them.

Where Files Go When They Are Deleted?
A deleted file whether through memory drive crashes or emptying the bin still has the chance to be recovered. Data on drives can never be deleted only overwritten.  If deleted files aren’t in the recycle bin, this means that markers for the files are erased. Files or data that has no marks or flags cannot be seen by the system, therefore making the information space as readily overwritable. Any data stored on the memory drive that has been marked as free space can be overwritten by the storage of new file to the exact same memory location. This is also the reason why storing more files to a drive that has data yet to be recovered is a bad idea as this may overwrite the data.

Any person who would like to recover any data on his/her drive is encouraged to go to a data recovery specialist. They cannot only recover files that are not only deleted but also possible files that have been previously overwritten. Just make sure to immediately stop the usage of the drive in case you accidentally deleted a file.