Pros And Cons Of Using An AIX Server

An Introduction To The Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) Server
AIX or Advanced Interactive eXecutive is a UNIX-based operating system which is supported by various hardware platforms and has a number of versions available ever since it was released in the year 1986. Its default GUI or graphical user interface is the CDE or Common Desktop Environment and the system information database included in the AIX is the ODM or Object Data Manager.

Hence, AIX server refers to a server which runs on an AIX operating system. As with any other server operating on a specific operating system for whatever purpose, its use will have its pros and cons and may make it more preferable for use for some purposes.

Pros Of Using An Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) Server
To start off, using an AIX server has its fair share of pros or advantages. This is to be expected as the number of versions of AIX means that it is being developed to better suit the current technology and more of use both private individuals and corporations. One advantage of using a server utilizing the AIX operating system is that business objects or BO run smoothly on AIX servers. Business objects are an important concept in information technology, specifically in object-oriented programming.

Another advantage of using an AIX server is that it is very secure thanks to having a variety of reliable security software to choose from. This makes using AIX servers more secure as users won’t have to worry about their data or system being compromised.

The use of the AIX operating systems for servers used in large businesses and enterprises due to its features is also another advantage. These features include robust security, high functionality, and a high number of supported hardware platforms.

Cons Of Using An Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) Server
The use of AIX servers also has its cons. In terms of hiring staff who are competent with using AIX, there is a smaller number of competent staff or admins who can be hired, making it often disadvantageous to use AIX servers. This may be due to the difficulty of mastering AIX or due to other specialists preferring to work with other operating systems.

Another disadvantage of using AIX servers is that when hardware needs to run the AIX operating system is damaged, it is difficult to find a replacement. Perhaps this is due to its low market share or popularity as an OS.