Where Do Files Go When They’re No Longer In The Recycle Bin?

The Advancement On Hard Drives
All the new technology that we have today was the product of years in innovation and revolutionary research that specialists have worked upon. Their findings had been the gateway for us to gain new information that enabled us to make all these new advancements.

One of the newer technologies that the people of today are enjoying is called hard drives. Hard drives are what allow us to store information on a relatively compact and reliable way. Some of these so-called hard drives that you may be familiar with are the hard disk drives and solid-state drives used in computers, flask drive or thumb drives, memory cards, and external hard disk drives.

Although these memory drives are a product of the future, it does not exempt them from failure and possible crashes. Possibly deleting or even corrupting all of a person’s stored data on the drive. Deletion of files due to memory drives crashing makes for a harder time to recover files.

Whenever we delete files on our computer, what usually happens is that the system stores them in a program called recycle bin. This software is a native windows program that allows the user to retrieve deleted files. Many people consider the program to be some form of recovery tool, but in reality, it is just a space that stocks all of the user’s files until such time the user permanently deletes them.

Where Files Go When They Are Deleted?
A deleted file whether through memory drive crashes or emptying the bin still has the chance to be recovered. Data on drives can never be deleted only overwritten.  If deleted files aren’t in the recycle bin, this means that markers for the files are erased. Files or data that has no marks or flags cannot be seen by the system, therefore making the information space as readily overwritable. Any data stored on the memory drive that has been marked as free space can be overwritten by the storage of new file to the exact same memory location. This is also the reason why storing more files to a drive that has data yet to be recovered is a bad idea as this may overwrite the data.

Any person who would like to recover any data on his/her drive is encouraged to go to a data recovery specialist. They cannot only recover files that are not only deleted but also possible files that have been previously overwritten. Just make sure to immediately stop the usage of the drive in case you accidentally deleted a file.