Which Are Better, IDE, SATA Or SCSI Drives?

The answer? –  SATA. It is more than obvious.  At first, many were excited about the SCSI since most computer users would finally connect multiple devices. However, here comes the IDE and put SCSI out from its throne. In fact, The IDE became a standard choice that reigned for over than 20 years. However, the need for speed grew greater. As the technology continues to develop, the SATA entered the scene and replaced IDE for good.


This technology was developed and created back in the middle of 70s’ The port is a 50-pin flat ribbon that connects the hard disk into the motherboard. Back then, SCSI was identified by a few computer experts as the scuzzy. This port can support plenty of electronic devices and hardware particularly computer devices. The SCSI drivers can be installed mounting to the motherboard. There is also a version where you can use adapters. These days, it is pretty much outdated, but somehow, there are some people who are still using this technology because of its affordability. You can still find SCSI on the market today, but keep in mind that it can be difficult for you to find a motherboard that still includes SCSI drivers slot. Indianapolis Data Recovery said that eventually, it is only a matter of time that this type of technology will fade out.


IDE was introduced by two major computer manufacturers – The Compaq and Control Data Corp. It was launched back in 1986 and dominates the market. The IDE continues to evolve by introducing groundbreaking technology such as the ATA drives and the parallel model which is known as PATA. The first IDE model had 80-ribbon cables and 40 pins and some of these models are still in use even these days. The modern type of IDE has 28 pins found in most desktop computers. The ATA rounded cable became the IDE’s, Mona Lisa. It features versatility and better cooling effects. It makes things a little less complicated because of its plug and plays feature.


SATA or Serial ATA tends to replace IDE back in 2003. This time, computer market is dominating in all parts of the world. The technology simply skyrockets gaining 98% of computer users. It is built for speed, accuracy, and efficient cooling system. The component itself never requires a computer user to shut down the system and fits for small devices. SATA can be used to huge industrial setups and the most affordable type of connector.